Board Members

AnnahMarie Behn

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Electrical Engineering, Biosystems, & Engineering Corporate Practice

Hi there! My name is AnnahMarie, and I will be serving as the Active Minds president this year. I strongly believe that access to wellness, on both a physical and mental level, makes the world go ‘round. I am beyond excited about the great work we’ll accomplish this year, so keep Active Minds ND on your radar!

Maya Mehigan

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Global Affairs, Environmental Science, & Digital Marketing

Hi! My name is Maya, and I am a junior. With Active Minds, I help manage our social media and plan meetings and events surrounding mental health initiatives on-campus. I am also on our Outreach-Advocacy Committee. I'm incredibly passionate about mental health awareness and so excited to continue promoting mental wellness at ND during my time here! My favorite Active Minds initiative is the creation of our Mental Health Resource Guide, so definitely check it out on our website.

Jane Stallman

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Psychology, Data Science, & Italian

Hey y'all! My name is Jane Stallman, and I am a junior in Flaherty Hall majoring in Psychology with minors in Data Science and Italian. I have been involved with Active Minds since freshman year, and I am so excited to serve as Spring Vice President this year! I am incredibly passionate about mental health advocacy on campus, and increasing the student body's knowledge of the mental health resources available to them at Notre Dame.



Sophie Santoso

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Biological Sciences & Compassionate Care

Hi there! My name is Sophia, and I am a junior at Notre Dame majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in Compassionate Care in Medicine. As Secretary, I manage club communications and assist in event planning for Active Minds. One of the events I'm most excited about this semester is our therapy animals event before finals week. I'm incredibly passionate about promoting mental health awareness as it is especially relevant to college students. 


Alan Saldivar

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Neuroscience and Behavior, Latino Studies, & Compassionate Care in Medicine

Hello! My name is Alan Saldivar, and I am a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior, with minors in Latino Studies and Compassionate Care in Medicine. As Treasurer of Active Minds, I hope to discover further the intersection of mental health, civic engagement, and education to ensure the well-being of all ND students. Being an aspiring psychiatrist, I remain confident that experiences like this one will holistically develop my understanding of medicine. A member of Active Minds last year, I am excited to continue playing a part in mental health advocacy on campus!


Emma Zurek

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Psychology, Constitutional Studies, & Sociology

Hi I’m Emma Zurek, one of the outreach chairs for Active Minds! I’ve been a part of Active Minds since my freshman year and am excited to work in outreach this year. I’m a senior studying Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Constitutional Studies. I’m very passionate about eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health and advocating for mental health awareness and mental health wellbeing. Excited for the coming year!


Isabella Vescera

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Neuroscience and Behavior & Theology

Hey everybody! My name is Isabella Vescera, and I am a junior in Breen-Phillips Hall (Go Babes!) majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior with a minor in Theology. After serving as a member of the Active Minds Outreach Committee, I am excited to step into the role of Outreach-Advocacy Committee Chair to help promote mental health awareness both on campus and in our broader community. I am very passionate about dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health and want to improve people's accessibility to various mental health resources and platforms.